By Earl Barr, Christian Bird, Eric Hyatt, Tim Menzies, and Gregorio Robles

Published in {FSE/SDP Workshop on the Future of Software Engineering Research}

Science rests on peer review and the wide-spread dissemination of
knowledge. Software engineering research will advance further and
faster if the sharing of data and tools were easier and more
wide-spread. Pragmatic concerns hinder the realization of this ideal:
the time and effort required and the risk of being scooped. We examine
the costs and benefits of facilitating sharing in our field in an
effort to help the community understand what problems exist and find a
solution. We examine how other fields, such as medicine and physics,
handle sharing, describe the value of sharing for replication and
innovation, and address practical concerns such as standards and
warehousing. To launch what we hope will become an ongoing discussion
of solutions in our community, we present some ways forward that
mitigate the risk of sharing — partial sharing, registry, escrow, and


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On the Shoulders of Giants