By Irene Manotas, Christian Bird, Rui Zhang and David Shepherd, Will Snipes, Ciera Jaspan, Caitlin Sadowski, Lori Pollock, and James Clause

Published in Proceedings of the 38th International Conference on Software Engineering

The energy consumption of software is an increasing concern as the use of mobile applications, embedded systems, and data center-based services expands. While research in green software engineering is correspondingly increasing, little is known about the current practices and perspectives of software engineers in the field. This paper describes the first empirical study of how practitioners think about energy when they write requirements, design, construct, test, and maintain their software. We report findings from a quantitative, targeted survey of 464 practitioners from ABB, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, which was motivated by and supported with qualitative data from 18 in-depth interviews with Microsoft employees. The major findings and implications from the collected data contextualize existing green software engineering research and suggest directions for researchers aiming to develop strategies and tools to help practitioners improve the energy usage of their applications.


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An Empirical Study of Practitioners’ Perspectives on Green Software Engineering